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Members Testimonials
Ms. Ravina,Age: 21, Student.
Once I got stuck in Okhla Area with my keys locked inside, there were no mechanics around to help my down the street. I called up Cross Roads and mechanic reached there in next 10 minutes. Definitely Cross Roads people are friendly, helping and provide the service on time.

Neha Dutta, Age:30, Psychologist
I have been really benefited by the team if experts at cross road. Once I was struck in a horrendous traffic on the main road with a dead battery.with no one coming for help,I called a the numb of CrosRoad.they were prompt and polite and came for help in about 20min.thanks to this idea.

Deepanshu Batra, Age:21, Engineering student
I have been a loyal customer for last 4 years. Crossroads is really helpful and really doing a good job, except 2-3 times when they took a lot of time to provide assistance.

Priyanka Kaur Oberoi, Age 23 years, Photo Journalist, Gurgaon
Living in Gurgaon and having a job of a nomad where I have to travel almost everyday for shoots, I recently bought a new car for myself, a Maruti Alto.On one of such travels of mine, I was driving through the heavily flooded and non-existent roads of Gurgaon, when I realized my car was moving rather heavy and slow. It took me some time to realize and a passerby to tell me that I had a flat tyre. I couldn't imagine getting off in the downpour to change the tyre. My parents had recently forcefully made me a member of a car breakdown service company called Crossroads. Usually I would call a friend but I thought I might as well call this service first. I had help in less than half an hour! Crossroads was a blessing in disguise, not just value for money but the staff was warm and friendly and sensitive enough to offer me an umbrella to stand outside while my car's tyre was replaced. Now I know, I can rely on Crossroads at any time of the day or night to help me if I'm having car troubles!

Vinay Rawat, Age:43, Businessman(medical equipments)
I have two cars.Both are associated with crossroads.I am fully satisfied with the service of crossrods they reached at time and behavior of persons who attends me is always good.

R.Rajesh, 36, Manager Production in a private company.
I drive bike since I was 20, every time I leave home I use to carry insecurity what if the tyre punctures? if there is any problem with my bike especially during monsoon. In bikes there is no Stepney and changing tyre is a very tedious and tough task which also needs some specialised tools. Once I was driving with my wife and the worst struck to me, the rear tyre got punctured. I was zapped as I was newly married and was out for a movie with my wife, I had no idea whom to call for help. I called up one of my friends and he gave me Cross Roads car and bike help line services number. Initially they refused as they do not service non members but on humanitarian grounds they sent me their service vehicle and things were back on track fast. It was my first movie with my wife and I could reach there well on time. Thanks a ton guys u doin a great job....

Naveen Sharma, Age:38, Serviceman
I bought the membership for Rs. 700/- and surprisingly got gift worth Rs. 999/-. I have a feel now that the membership was free.. Thanks to Cross Roads.

Ms.Shruti , Age 27 years, Concept Designer and Consultant
A colleague who once suffered car trouble introduced crossroads to me and while telling me his story advised me to enroll as a member of this company. I was on my way back from a late dinner at a friend's house in Faridabad, when I realized I had in the haste left my car keys inside the car! Thankfully the car was parked near the house, so I went inside for help. Since I had an automatic transmission car, no one could really help in rolling or peeling down the windows or opening the door. So I called crossroads almost past midnight in distress. I received help within an hour; the service men extracted the keys without damaging the car windows or the door. I will always be grateful to my friend for introducing me to crossroads and I will suggest everyone should avail their services, as they are the First in the country and the best in their job.

Manish Rathi, Age 68, Trader.
I am associated with Cross Roads since 2005, it all started when one night my only son was found lying unconscious in his bed room, while we were on the way to the hospital the fan belt broke and the car stopped. It was around 2 at night. I was desperately trying to reach for help calling relatives, waving hands, requesting every passing vehicle to stop but of no use. As a God sent help one of the Cross Roads service vehicle who was on the way to attend some call stopped and helped rush my son to the hospital while they send their other service van to fix up my fan belt. I was touched with their gesture and later called them to thanks and availed their life saving service.

Sunita Pant Bansal, Age 51 years, Renowned Author, Noida
Having my office in the basement of my own house, I would seldom need to go out for any meetings, as clients would usually meet me at my office. On one of the rare occasions of me getting out of my office to go for a client meeting, I was faced with a rather unusual problem with my car. In haste I had forgotten to check the petrol meter and halfway through the journey my car started giving jerks while driving as the tank had approached the empty signal. To my misfortune I was on the highway and the nearest petrol pump was almost 7 kilometers away. The roads were congested with traffic and the car came to sudden halt after jerking for several minutes. There was no way I could leave my car in the middle of the highway, get off, hitch a ride and get petrol! So I called just dial service for helpline numbers for car breakdown services and chanced upon some 2-3 helpline numbers, I called all of them but none other than Cross Roads was prompt to attend to calls and reach me in no time. They not only towed my car off the highway, they got it refueled and running! I immediately decided to become a member of this company; it was by far the best investment I had ever made.

Bhupendra Sinha, Age 43, CEO Publishing House, New Delhi
Though I always felt these services are like an insurance against car break down, sense of security peace of mind but I was reluctant to take Cross Roads initially as I was earlier cheated upon by a fake helpline company who claimed to be cheaper and at par with Cross Roads. I have a very unique experience, once my car got stolen,(My first car and a priceless gift by my Dad) but due to some technical snag they abandoned the vehicle some 200 miles away from delhi on a highway removing all the tyres, stereo, took away the CD's all documents etc. Finding the vehicle abandon on the highway with a delhi number plate the police took the car in their custody as it remained unclaimed and there was no means to reach me. While I lost the hopes of recovering the vehicle, I suddenly got a call from Cross Roads Customer care inquiring if my vehicle was all right..... Guess why? The cops called their help line number which was pasted on my windscreen to check if they know about this vehicle and I was so delighted and happy.... Thanks to Cross Roads My Dad's car still with me.

Avinash Wahi, Age:25, Serviceman
Its a awesome service provider I am happy to part of it.